Just some of the many pictures I took for the Coldplay Mylo Xylotour concert on Chicago 2012 :D (I’m the one with the Coldplay hat). IT. WAS. SO. EPIC!!! The fact that they are my favorite band, that they played an awesome range of their songs (a mix of old+new ones), that they are INCREDIBLE performers, and that we had good seats to see them made that concert night one of the finest and most beautiful moments in my life.

At one point they moved to a different stage within the crowd to play a few songs (speed of sound was one of em’ which was AWESOME) and when they walked back to the stage they passed right next to my section! They were literally a footstep away from me!! I was so shocked that I didn’t realize I could get a high five from em’ until Guy, Will, and Chris passed by but my brain managed to kick into gear before Jonny passed and I immediately raised my hand to him and ended up getting high-fived by him!! Definitely one of the most amazing moments in my life :D Will never forget this experience EVAR!!!

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